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ADHD Powerful Possibilities: New and Late Diagnosis & Beyond
Embracing the Reality Revolution: ADHD strategies, support and research in friendly, easy to understand PG rated episodes
Welcome to ADHD Powerful Possibilities - Here we embrace the reality of ADHD and open the door WIDE to authentic growth and success. This isn't (oh no) another ADHD podcast – it's a revolution in how we approach neurodivergence, social rules and how you can live a meaning-full life for yourself.

🌟 The ADHD Reality Revolution 🌟

Forget empty promises and quick fixes. Here, we go DEEP into the real, sometimes messy, always fascinating world of ADHD. Whether you're newly diagnosed, late-diagnosed, or supporting someone with ADHD, this podcast is your guide to navigating life's challenges with honesty, realism, and self-compassion.

💡 What Sets Us Apart? 💡

1. No Sugar-Coating: We tackle ADHD challenges head-on, acknowledging the struggles while uncovering the hidden strengths you've been ignoring.
2. Evidence-Based Insights: Blending neuroscience, positive psychology, and real-life experience to give you practical, actionable strategies.
3. Anti-Toxic Productivity: We reject hustle culture and embrace sustainable, ADHD-friendly approaches to success, knowing that we are all in need of more support, more rest and more FUN.
4. Inclusive Focus: From teens to adults, women in perimenopause to entrepreneurs – we cover the full spectrum of ADHD experiences.

🎙️ Your Host: Katherine 🎙️

I'm Katherine, your certified ADHD coach and fellow traveller on this neurodivergent journey. Diagnosed with ADHD and Autism in my 40s, I bring over 400 hours of professional training and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to our conversations. Clients call me the "ADHD nerd version of their favorite aunty" (or mum) – a title I wear with pride!

📚 What to Expect 📚

- Weekly episodes unpacking crucial ADHD topics: from executive function to emotional regulation, time management to shame and resilience.
- Occasional experts, offering diverse perspectives on thriving with ADHD.
- Practical tips and strategies tailored for the ADHD brain.
- Short, fluff-free, and PG-rated content – perfect for listening anytime, anywhere.

🌈 The ADHD Powerful Possibilities Promise 🌈

We won't promise overnight transformations or one-size-fits-all solutions. You know that they don't work, because you've already spent enough money on them and still feel stuck.

Instead, we offer:
- A judgment-free space to explore your unique ADHD journey.
- Tools to cultivate self-awareness, autonomy, and agency.
- Strategies to reframe "accountability" and embrace possibility thinking.
- A supportive community where your experiences are validated and celebrated.

🌐 Join the Revolution 🌐

Let's turn ADHD challenges into powerful possibilities together. Subscribe now and be part of a community that's rewriting the ADHD narrative – one authentic, empowering episode at a time.

Connect with us:
- Website: https://lightbulbadhd.com/
- Instagram: @adhd_coach_katherine
- TikTok: @adhd_coach_katherine
- YouTube: @adhd_coach_katherine

Remember, your ADHD journey is unique. Here, we go beyond saying that - we celebrate it. Welcome to your ADHD Reality Revolution!

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